Bunty is a prototype psychotherapist.  It is in a continual process of becoming but can still be surprisingly helpful.

After it asks ‘how may I help you?’, try responding with something about how you feel, such as ‘I feel¬† anxious today’.

It will ask you to describe your feeling as an image, something like ‘it feels like a big black cloud’ or ‘it’s like I have a mountain to climb’. It won’t respond well to single words, so it’s better to use sentences. It will then use the image you shared as the basis for a therapeutic clean language conversation.

The clean language conversation works at an unconscious level and enables you to understand the feeling and explore your options for resolving it. The basis of a clean language conversation is exploring and understanding a mental image that you share, As you do this, your unconscious mind will naturally begin to surface ways to solve the issue you are trying to resolve.

As this is a prototype, it may seem sometimes lose the thread of the conversation or respond in an unusual manner. If this does happen, please just keep responding to any questions with sentences about how you are feeling. There are also some minor grammatical issues with uppercase letters and punctuation, which will be resolved in future evolutions.

If, at any time, you want to stop the conversation, just say ‘not interested’ and the conversation will stop.

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