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Custom Workshops

Unlike many other workshops, Human Workshops are not rigid and prescriptive events that run precisely to a predetermined timetable. Although all Human Workshops have a structure, its primary purpose is to provide a contextual space for working with the tensions that emerge, exist and evolve along the boundaries between inner and outer worlds. Human Custom Workshops take this level of flexibility a stage further and are designed in collaboration with you, the customer, to provide a customised experience that enables you to navigate specific boundary tensions with in your chosen context. Human Custom Workshops draw on the wide variety of Human resources and can be designed and delivered as single and multi-day courses, both in-house and off-site.

Human Custom Workshops can draw from the wide range of Human processes and experiences to provide customers with whatever is required to navigate particular tensions between inner and outer ones. For example, a leadership team tasked with implementing a cultural transformation may choose to begin with Human Nature for Human Teams and Human Voices to resolve any tensions within the leadership team. This will naturally progress to Human Nature for Human Leaders and Human Journeys so that the leaders can connect their inner and outer purposes and resolve any tensions that the encounter between them. After resolving leadership team tensions and clarifying collective purpose, the leaders can then use Human Organisational and Cultural processes, including tools like the Human Echo for larger scale cultural engagement explorations.

For customers who are already familiar with Human processes and experiences, workshops can also be designed and developed around more advanced Human concepts such as the Disseminated Self and the Identified Disrupter. As the Human is a multi-ontology contextual framework for understanding the self, it can be used in a great variety of contexts to understand what is really happening in a particular situation so that a chosen outcome can be successfully achieved.

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