Why Work With Human?

In 1936, two American psychologists, Gordon Allport and Henry Odbert devised a method for assessing human behaviour, at both an individual and a group level.

This method of understanding human behaviour has been routinely used worldwide for over 80 years now and seems to provide consistently valuable insights and assessments so it would appear that there is no real need to use any other methods in this annual $2.3 billion market.

In my work with individuals and organisations, however, I became aware of some curious facts about working with these conventional methods, such as 87% of employees are disengaged, 86% of leaders are performing poorly and 70% of leaders are unable to transform their culture.

The realisation that here is a dysfunctional $2.3 billion global market, ripe for disruption, was my call to action, to question convention and to ask ‘is there another way, a more effective way to unlock human potential?”

My answer to that question has been to create a uniquely innovative artificial intelligence framework, which enables individuals and organisations to dramatically increase levels of wellbeing and productivity by liberating the 98% of human potential which is currently untapped.

That potential can be unlocked, not by conventional analysis and assessment, but through using this revolutionary AI framework, which does something that no other AI system can do, and that is amplifying human creativity rather than diminishing it.

The AI framework has been developed from the latest theoretical research into Cognitive Linguistics and Embodied Cognition and rather than just trying to detect patterns in data, it actually connects people with their purpose and potential.

And as people in organisations connect with their purpose and potential, they stop being material resources whose value is being extracted by a business, and become talent that matters to create value for the business.

And the greatest opportunity that my framework provides is the realisation that it is a choice we all have, you, me, every human being. We can choose to be be passively judged, and told who we are, or we can use this revolutionary framework to actively explore our potential and to understand who we can become.

The reality is that conventional methods of understanding human behaviour no longer provide the infrastructure that we need to consistently build the most successful organisations of the future.

So rather than using A.I. as an analytic and objective method to replace creativity and innovation, my framework integrates artificial intelligence and human creativity, giving us the capacity to use A.I. as a way of becoming more human, rather than less human.

In the future, this framework will be how people realise their undoubted potential and that future starts now.